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Pro-Line R/C Body Paint

Yes, that's right! Pro-Line now has R/C Body Paint!

Pro-Line's Team of Innovators have painted literally thousands of RC car bodies over the years and now offers ready to spray R/C Body paints specially formulated to help you achieve the same jaw dropping results we do. Developed by R/C body painters for painters, this water-based airbrush paint is ultra-flexible, extremely durable and easy to use. Have the confidence that you are spraying the best!

Ready To Spray.
This pre-thinned airbrush paint makes it easy to grab the color you want and spray without the hassle of mixing (using a 0.5mm tip @ 30psi). You may reduce the paint with #6324-00 Paint Reducer for fine detail using smaller tips or specific applications. Available in single 2 fl oz (60 ml.) individual bottles or 6 pack sets. Pro-Line has you covered!

Specially Formulated for Polycarbonate.
Bash, Crash, Race or Show, Team Pro-Line has done it all! Pro-Line R/C Body Paint is a high-performance durable water-based airbrush paint that is specially formulated to meet the extreme requirements of polycarbonate R/C bodies. It is durable yet flexible to allow R/C bodies to deform and come back to their shape. You will not only get great performance, you also get the same color options chosen by the experts.

Part # 6324-00 Paint Reducer
MSRP $6.95
Part # 6325-00 White
MSRP $7.95
Part # 6325-01 Black
MSRP $7.95
Part # 6325-02 Red
MSRP $7.95
Part # 6325-03 Orange
MSRP $7.95
Part # 6325-04 Yellow
MSRP $7.95
Part # 6325-05 Green
MSRP $7.95
Part # 6325-06 Blue
MSRP $7.95
Part # 6325-07 Purple
MSRP $7.95
Part # 6326-00 Aluminum
MSRP $8.95
Part # 6326-01 Metallic Charcoal
MSRP $8.95
Part # 6327-00 Pearl Blue
MSRP $8.95
Part # 6323-00 Primary Color Set (6 Pack) - Paint Reducer, White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue
MSRP $39.95
Part # 6323-01 Secondary Color Set (6 Pack) - Orange, Green, Purple, Aluminum, Metallic Charcoal, Pearl Blue
MSRP $42.95
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